My Teardrops

If I showed you my teardrops

Would you catch them like rain?

Maybe store them in jars

That are labeled with PAIN..

Would you follow their tracks

From my eyes down my cheeks

As they tell all the stories

That I’ll never speak.

Would you stop them with kisses?

A hand in my hair?

As you whisper that life

Wouldn’t always be fair.

If I showed you my teardrops

Would you show me your own?

So that when I am lonely,

I’m not so alone..




Late at night

While the world is asleep

And the skies fill with dreams

I think quietly

Behind closed eyes

And imagine just what could have been…

If the timing had been better

And the moment had been right

Maybe you and I could have had more

But the truth of it all

Is that I’m running scared

Back to safety

And my broken heart..

I’m Still Learning · Daily Prompt

I could fill a dozen notebooks with the random things I know. I’ve been retaining knowledge in my head for years..

I gained a healthy love for reading at an early age and have always loved the way it feels to hold a book in my hands. 

I think I was eleven when my dad gave me a copy of Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game. I’d long been reading chapter books, but they were more along the lines of The Sweet Valley Twins and The Babysitter’s Club. I was hooked before the end of the first chapter and have since read it over many times. 

From there the list goes on and on. I still read every single day. My dad says reading makes you smarter, and he’s right ’cause I’m still learning.