Back in the Saddle

A couple of weeks ago, my very best friend decided to introduce me.. 
After more than a decade off the market, I felt clumsy and unsure.. but then  I reckon we all have to start over sometime.

And so I met him. I listened. I smiled. I  genuinely put myself out there as best as I could. I think maybe he liked me; I can be beautiful when I wanna be, and I know it.He was nice. Short for my taste, and a little quiet, but he was covered in ink so there was obviously some Bad Boy in there somewhere. After being in church for a decade (metaphorically speaking), I have to admit, I was intrigued.

We set up a date – dinner and the casino – for the coming Friday night and parted ways. We talked on the phone a good bit over the next few days, and when Friday night came I was ready. We’d long since talked ourselves out of the casino by then, but still, I was ready to find out what there was to find out.Soooo… Come Friday night we’d seen each other a couple of times, and had pretty much already decided to like each other. It was kind of an easy like; one of those effortless, slide right on in there situations that you hear about but don’t really see.. I have to admit that I honestly enjoyed the man’s company..

Now. Let’s talk about sex.

I’m not a rookie, by any standard. I haven’t had very many partners, and I  honestly dislike porn, but Im really adventurous and I have some pretty decent experience…..

But this guy? This guy guy had things in his bathroom that I’ve never even seen on TV, and we’ll, needless to say, I was tripping just a little bit.. Not enough to take off towards home in any case, but I have got to admit I heard alarm bells in the distance..

After a couple deep breaths and a pointed conversation, I’m too glad to say it all worked out, and now here we all are, just a few minutes more than a month, and I’m really glad I didn’t bail. The man is polite and considerate and he helps out around the house. Gracie freaking loves him and he’s great with her, and I’m not sure what more I could honestly ask for right now.

For the most part, I reckon I actually lucked out.

Still paddling the old canoe…