I wish

I wish everything wasn’t so complicated

I wish I could look at myself in the mirror and love the reflection I see…

I wish you were easier to recognize sometimes..

Without you I’m not sure I know who I’ll be…

But my troubles don’t keep you around anymore.

There’s no looking backwards to your smile.

If there was some way to get back to that place

I would go there and dream for a while….



I give up.

Just to think about spendng my days without you breaks my heart and I almost can’t breathe, and I hate it, but there is no better choice. I’m in a thousand tiny pieces and it’s only getting worse for me with time… The time they say is supposed to heal. The time and space I’m supposed to need..

I think it’s time that maybe I should stop and think a little bit ’bout what it’s costing me to be here.. My sanity is hanging by a thread and I am barely holding on and I cant take it….

I’ll die.

To make matters worse I have apparently alienated the one friend I’ve managed to hang onto through it all.

I am so angry at everything and everyone that it’s suffocating me..

I am so very alone….

I am so very broken….