Six months from now…..?

I’m getting divorced.

There’s no apologizing. There’s no going back. There’s no question anymore about who’s wrong or who’s right or who made the biggest mistake.

It doesn’t matter. He doesn’t look at me and see the woman he married, and I can’t fix that for him. He doesn’t love me and I don’t like him and it can’t make it better anymore.

Hell, the longer it stays this way, the less I want to make it better.

The last few months have really shown me who he is and I am floored by how far off I’ve always been. Maybe this is how he treats a stranger. Maybe this is how he treats an enemy or somebody he doesn’t like.. I don’t know.

But this isn’t how he’s ever trearted me. Something changed some years ago and it was like he just suddenly became somebody else.

But now I know…

My Husband has a Girlfriend in the very literal sense.. She’s 32 and she’s beautiful and she lives less than a quarter mile from my new place.

I hate everything.

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