Unsent Letters • 03.19.2019

So I found this this morning, sifting through a box of random things from my office in your trailer. It was the only thing written in a small-ish notebook that I dont remember having..


I could go back through all the letters

And the things still left unsaid

But I would rather see tomorrow

Or the pictures in my head.

I have so little left to cling to

When it comes to you and me

An empty promise of forever

And I think I’ll let that be..

I wish somehow I could remind you

Of the light we used to share

Of the hopes and dreams we’re built from

And the love to be found there

In the beginning we were more..

So much more than we’ll ever know

We burned so bright that we burned out

Before our promises came through

But I still want you and I flat refuse

To give up on us yet

But I can’t hold on for the both of us

And I think you’ve let go…

– I love you.

– A 😥

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