The last few days have been lost in sort of a semi-fog that I can’t seem to find my way through. A little dull and unsure of myself, I’ve all but drowned in an ocean my tears and if I’m not careful the tide might pull me under..

After all this struggle, that would be a travesty.

As incredibly sad as it probably is, I’m not even sure that what’s left is worth fighting for.

I mean, how am I supposed to do his part of this? Hell, how am I supposed to do anything at all with the ways things are between us? I wish he would just tell me so I’d know…

I’d do whatever I could to make us better, but I guess for now, I’ll just be sad. I’m trying HARD to get past it but what can I say?? I’ve got issues.

2 thoughts on “UGH

  1. If this is happening in your life, don’t live it for other people. You are most important, and it is not worth making yourself ill over. Been there, done that, he wasn’t worth it. Luckily I had support from my brother and somewhere to go. That’s almost 30 years ago, and I’ve never regretted getting out.

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