Not Whispers

Ok soooo… God isn’t whispering at me. He’s SHOUTING.

I wrecked my car today… barely…

Truth be told, it should have been a whole lot worse than it was. My car should have rolled over when it landed in that ditch.

Hell, I wasn’t even going all that fast. A very good friend lost her father today and had called in a moment of hysteria and asked if I could pick her little girl up from school. I looked down at my phone to check the time and hit a puddle.

It was that fast.

Suddenly my momma was trying to climb in my lap and she’s saying “I have to get out! I have to get out!”, because she’s afraid that if she settles back at all in her seat the car will roll.

I had to LITERALLY turn sideways and use both of my feet to get my door open.

We should have rolled.

But we didn’t..

3 thoughts on “Not Whispers

  1. Scary. I remember the night boyfriend of the time was putting his ‘new car’ through its paces. He hit a rut in the dirt road and rolled it. None of us were hurt, but cigarettes were immediately extinguished, my shoes had gone straight over my head and I’d gone through the gap where the windscreen had been…………. luckily it popped out intact. I padded about on the road and was amazed I didn’t so much as ladder my tights. I needed my purse though as my door key was in it and I desperately wanted a cup of tea. Funny the things we think about. Glad you are OK.

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