Up in Smoke

The house caught fire. It’s been a few days but there’s enough damage that I can’t ignore it.. I still can’t believe it happened, how could I be so stupid?

I know better than that.. to walk away from the stove while I’m cooking..

What was I thinking?

Well I can tell you what I’m thinking about now.. the pain in my hand, that’s what. I’ve never been burned like this before…. it HURTS. The blisters are so big we’ve been joking about naming them. I know it’s not funny but if I don’t laugh I might cry…

This sucks.

5 thoughts on “Up in Smoke

  1. Ouch!!! That looks bloody painful!!
    The biggest blister I ever had was on my heel after I’d walked 5 miles from the Whaleway Station (it’s true as I was going on a Whale Watch trip the next day) to the hostel. It was the shape of a horseshoe and terribly sore, but I left it alone and wore two pairs of socks the next day. I didn’t have to walk as a couple were also going and gave me a lift. Phew!

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