I heart my dog

img_6242 I love this animal. He’s smelly, and slobbery, and he farts A LOT… but he loves me more than anything else in my life right about now.

He’s eight years old and at about 100 pounds. Miss Gracie tries to mount him like a horse every time he’s allowed in the house, LOL. She’s been trying for years but he doesn’t complain. Cooper is just kind of mellow that way; he always has been.. He didn’t even go through a real “puppy” phase that I can remember.. He doesn’t chew on our things. Or shit in our house. Or ask me for things I can’t handle. Cooper just wants some lovin’ and food, lots of food, and a fan, cuz its hot out and his butt can’t stand it.

He’s been our baby since the first time we saw him there; sitting pretty in the back of a truck on a side road in Meridian almost a decade ago..

We camped last week. A week in the camper at Lake Okatibbee with the family.. Mmmmmm, fuuuunnnn… While we were gone he was hit by a car. He;s alive but he’ll never be the same..

I’m gonna stop talking now. I apologize for my rambling. I swear I had something to say when I started, but I can’t wrap my head or my heart around this so it gets jumbled..

I’ll try again another day…


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