Unsent Letters – 05.26.2018

DISCLAIMER : I guess you could say I’ve been going through some personal stuff. These letters are simply my way of releasing my angst out into the universe. If you have any insight or wisdom you think might help me work things out, keep it. I’m not looking..

My Love,

I can’t sleep.. but then I never do on days we’ve had a fight. My mind just will not stop and shut down until I find some way of getting it all out.. and so I write. (I’m not sure why I still feel the need, after all this time, to give myself an introduction, but I guess that’s just the way I work sometimes.)

I wish that I could let shit go and fall asleep the way you do.I’d probably get lost in some dream about the way we used to laugh when we were young.. I’d give just about anything to find our way back there, y’know. To when my love still gave you a reason to smile.. Nowadays that smile comes too far apart and it’s awful.. I often want to ask what you’re thinking about but I don’t. You won’t tell me anyway. That makes me so sad..

That I should wonder why you’re happy feels so wrong..

After 10 years of marriage, I should be your reason why, don’t you agree?



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