When I’m gone

I think im disappearing, just a little at a time.. I don’t think they’ll even notice when it happens and I’m finally gone.. when i finally get the Hell out of this God forsaken place.. I’ve been in limbo for so long now that it’s almost second nature to just shut my mouth and take it as it comes. I’m so insanely unhappy with the way things are sometimes that every day the sun comes up in cloudy skies..

I don’t get it..

I simply don’t understand.. the way we love these days is NOT the way we do things and i hate it. What I see when I step back and try to see things from a new angle can be so distracting sometimes and I hate that. What we’ve managed to become these past few years makes me so unbelievably sad that I can’t stand it anymore..

Maybe I’m stuck. .

Maybe I got myself in over my head and I can’t fix it with a kiss the way I used to….

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