2017 certainly turned out to be the longest year ever. I’m not sure if anyone else was even paying attention to it all, so I can’t day for sure, but who knows? it could have even been the longest year in history.. I mean, I simply can’t be the only one on Earth who couldn’t wait to see it end.. It’s just not possible..

And for those of you who are doubting, or even wondering about the validity of my complaints.. Yes, 2017 actually sucked THAT bad.

2017 came close to ending my marriage. It actually did end my job. We started a business – and failed, Dratton finally got a raise (silver lining), our fathers both lost a grip on their health, my fingers decided they were done with my guitar, and I lost one of the closest friends I’ve had in a very long while..

Shall I go on? Because I can. It gets better.

Hell, to start it all off it seems that (to close up 2016) the whole damn country had some kind of a mental breakdown and told Donald freaking Trump he was free to take over our government. I mean geez… Really? What the actual Hell is going on around here?


I, for one, am glad the year is over. There can’t be anyplace else to go from here but up..

Can there?


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