Over it..

DEVASTATION – Severe and overwhelming shock and grief….  What an amazingly accurate description.

I love my momma. Everyone does. She’s always had that.. that something that draws in people and she knows it. She uses it to get what she wants or what she needs. I didn’t see it until about halfway through my teenage years, but she’s probably been doing it forever….

She was here this past week, in Mississippi with my family. Her and Grams flew out semi last minute since Uncle Wayne was having surgery; The doctors had to remove his colon and large intestine due to the recent discovery a few rather large tumors growing there – it was kind of a big deal.. Anyway, mom stayed with me of course, while Grams stayed at Wayne’s in town. It was an awful visit. It’s hard to believe how much negativity a person can carry around without realizing it. 

How suffocating..

She hasn’t always been this way though. A while, yes, but not always.. And it almost always has to do with Grams. I guess some stuff happened a gazillion years ago and my momma just can’t seem to let it go.

I don’t know..

(This is probably going to be left unfinished for right now but I’ll get back to it..)


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