Slogging through it

At our house we do dirty. We do mud and fun and really really loud. We do laughter and apologies. We do God and we do love…..

Our home is on the small side but it suits us just fine. We’re warm when it’s cold out and dry when it rains and most of the time that’s enough. But with four kids that live here full time (plus two more), and no real money to spend, we spent lots of time slogging through mud. It didn’t matter if we stayed at home or went to a mud bog (which happens to be a bunch of  beafed-up trucks with giant tires that routinely gather around a large mud hole to see who gets stuck and who doesn’t – for money – it’s kinda awesome) just as long as there was mud they were happy. Thankfully mud isn’t something we’re lacking ’round here.. 
Hours of entertainment, right here in our own back yard!
Well most of the older teenagers moved out this year and we don’t do a whole lot of slogging these days; but it used to be a pretty good time. It was one of the few things we agreed on as a family..

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