Freelance Work 09.06.2016

A corporate email response in regards to a software application deal 

Dear Sir, (For Privacy)

To answer your questions, please let me say first, that in my opinion, the integration of the Smart Watch is going to be the next logical step in portable gaming. With the mastering and ease of virtual storage, whether the customer prefers using the Apple, Google or Microsoft operating systems, there should be an app for that.  Simply put, the idea goes something like this – By enhancing the remote control sensors that already come standard on every television in the world, we could potentially give an added NUI feature to the increasingly popular Smart TV. To pair this with data and movement tracking programs currently being used by virtually all cellphones and video game consoles on the market today would open up an incredible number of opportunities to grow the convenience and portability our every day gamer typically looks for. 

 In comparison with the Xbox Kinect and the Nintendo Wii, instead of holding a wand or controller, which would then interact with the console through a sensor bar, the watch IS the controller, sensing and interacting directly to a compatible application downloaded on a Smart TV. Using the Cloud, user preferences, account information, achievements and saved games would be accessible with a simple voice or remote command. There would potentially no longer be a need for hard drives or controllers or fragile (and expensive) gaming CDs, thereby creating an effortless gaming experience with the physicality of a kinect-style console and the access of a cellphone.

 I am open to any comments or suggestions you may have and look forward to hearing your thoughts on this one. 

 I appreciate your time, 


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