Postaday • Vice

Having vices is like having little quirks, if you ask me. Okay, so maybe not the meth-head, serial killer, nazi-kind of vices, but the simple ones.. Small-ish and harmless (more often than not) like a personality trait or a personal preference… 

My vices live down deep inside the center of my being with near my unfulfilled dreams and the memories I hold closest to my heart. 

A cup of coffee and a cigarettes, some candy now and then.. Turning my phone on silent just because.. Watching my girls while they’re asleep to name a few..These are the things that keep me grounded when my days are long, the small addictions that I crave within my soul.. Things I’d go batshit if I had to go without for very long.. 

My guilty pleasures. 

My shot of happiness.. 

My vices..

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