Random thoughts..

Within the 30 Day Challenge lies the prompt “your fears”. What’s written here is something of an extension of the thoughts that followed…

It is often that having a special needs child can be hard on a marriage, too often leading to divorce or separation. I can see how that happens and after seven years with our daughter, I still remind myself daily that we are among the lucky ones. We’ve not only survived, we’ve flourished. After the initial period of uncertainty and regret and was this my fault? that simply comes with the territory, she has become the glue that holds us together. Her fight has been a journey but it’s helped to make us better.. 

Better people.. Better parents.. Better Christians.. 

Our children have become compassionate and accepting and tolerant before their time; things that can’t be taught or learned in any school in the world today. It was hard for them sometimes, but I hope they carry these lessons with them throughout their lives. 



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