What Is.. · Just An Afterthought

Being a mother has been the most thankless, heartbreaking, under appreciated job I’ve ever had….
A few days ago I began a post with this. It’s still true, don’t misunderstand me, but what I failed to say was that motherhood has also been the most amazing, rewarding, blessed, crazy adventure I could have ever dreamed of and I am endlessly proud of the job I have done. While the teenage years have been lost among the random moments of anger and frustration, they have also been filled with laughter and friendship and pride.
I am proud of my children, and of my husband’s children too. They’ve managed to become bright, worthwhile young adults and while I don’t always like them, I will certainly always love them. The successes and failures I might dwell on today will soon enough be looked upon as lessons learned.
I was hurt and I was angry when I said what was said, and I’m entitled to my feelings. I won’t apologize for that. But it wasn’t the first time and it sure won’t be the last.
Yes, they break my heart now and again but without them I would have no heart to break.


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