I Hope So…. 

She moved out today. 

She was so excited about finally getting out of my house and into an apartment with her best friend that I don’t think she noticed her sisters at all .. She just went on and on about where she would put things and how she could have her boyfriend over whenever she wanted while Makayla stuck around and help when she could, probably hoping that her sister might invite her to her place. 

The way Autumn sprung it on her out of nowhere when she got off the bus this afternoon, I was surprised Makayla wasn’t being a jerk.. But she didn’t get pissy or cry or make comments at all – I was honestly kind of impressed.. I’d been expecting a tantrum and got quiet politeness instead. It was weird.
And then she was gone. Autumn gave me her key and gave Gracie a hug and then left. 

She’s not coming back in the morning. She’s not eating supper with us tonight. She’s found her own path and she doesn’t need me holding her hand anymore.

I hope she does well on her own. I hope it’s everything she always dreamed it’d be. I’ll miss having her here..

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