Why I’m Here

I’m a mom. It’s what I do and sometimes who I am. Lately I’m not really sure how to feel about that. There are good days and bad days like anything else, but it’s worth it more often than not. After eighteen plus years I’ve learned quite a few things but there’s still plenty more I don’t know. Kids doesn’t come with instructions and raising them it’s harder than it looks sometimes. They’re all so different, and the constant changing of their needs and personalities can be dizzying. It’s a learning process. It takes time and patience and money, lots of money (if you have it), to do right sometimes. When I married Dratton almost seven years ago I already had two little girls, while he had a son and a set of young twins (a boy and a girl) of his own. I don’t think any of them were very happy with the situation for a while, but we got through it. And then Gracie came along and changed everything.. but that’s a story for another time…… Every day carries with it both a failure and a win of some kind. You just have to look.. Their stories will be written in these pages. I can only hope that you enjoy what you find here and that maybe I’ll finally find some peace of mind somewhere along the way.

Thank you for listening..


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